Monochromatic Dreams

doodle ideas for homework, since I don’t have real art to show you guys

I don’t like having shaven legs because it’s so hard to tell if something is crawling on you.
And you can’t feel the wind blowing between your legs

I was saving my psd file as a png this whole time…..image

luckily It was the coloring layer , so I just put it under the line art layer and deleted the bg


Character Ask blog?

I was wondering if I should make a side blog for characters asks…I could link pictures to each characters and give a certain bio to each one and people can ask questions and all that, you know how it goes. STILL DECIDING.

I need to be sleeping now, but I’d rather be watching British trash T.V. and learning new terms from Rubyyyy

An unfinished picture someone request on an oooooold stream

An unfinished picture someone request on an oooooold stream



When Comi feels bad I did her doodles. She wanted them up so bad, so I obliged. FEEL BETTER COMI AND STOP BEATING YOURSELF UP!

Treat yourself and be sweet to yourself!

I still think it’s so sweet of you to care so much when I’m upset. 

Everyone needs to go give him some love ;-; I haven’t been doing so hot lately and Dani’s always there and he EVEN DOODLED ME THESE CUTE THINGS. LOOKAT BUCKY IN THIGHHIGHS!!!! auuug gosh I wish there was a way to repay you, man. I know I don’t make it very obvious, but I appreciate everything you have done and are doing for me and I seriously don’t deserve any of it 



I want to upload my poem called “Ode to the Gasm”


seriously every line of this movie is gold

Hey woah I'm a VERY old follower of yours (I did the whole la Boomba meme thing a long while back, and some gift art for ya) and wow I have to say you've come so far. Youre still one of my biggest role models for art. Keep it up, you rock!

Bwaaah, thank you very much! I’m truly touched and honored <3 I agree that I’ve come a long way, but I still have a loooong looong way to go. I would love it if you showed me the old gift art/animation so I can remember who you are. My memory is horrible, but I usually never forget a gift.